Nat. BISS BISS Ch. Lynann's Telesis ECM

Kris was a thrill to own and show.  It was a thrill of a life time when we won the National Specialty under Mary Ann Alston. A breeders dream.

Kris always took me around the ring.  All I had to say was "Let's go" and away he'd go always out at the end of the lead having the time of his life.

Kris always brought joy to us as a companion and producer.

As a producer he was used by many and produced a type of English Cocker that was consistent and correct. His many sons, daughters and grandchildren have and are still contributing to our breed today.

When Telesis was about 7 years old it was discovered that he was a carrier for Familial Nephropathy a fatal kidney disease. You can imagine the heartbreak for us as his breeder and for the many that had used him. There was no test to determine a dog’s carrier status. Thank you to Dr. Lees of Texas A &M, Addi Pittman, ECSCA health chair and to The English Cocker Club of America who worked tirelessly to discover a genetic test that would be accurate.  Now you can find out which dogs are carriers for this terrible disease.  

Breeders of today can now find out their carrier status of their dogs.

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